Our Products

Here is an overview of the main product categories we are focus on. As well as some of our top picks from the store!

Our main goal is to bring you natural products from the cleanest parts of the world. Even though many of them are not well known in general, they can provide an enormous health benefits both as a treatment for some of the illnesses as well as a healthy substitute for sweets and everyday drinks. Let’s go through the main categories of products in our store!

Herbs and Herbal Mixtures

Medicinal plants have been used by humans for hundreds of years. And we are not talking just about the alternative medicine here. A number of herbs are recognized as an effective treatment for different conditions! For millennia, people have been studying the healing properties of different plants. Even nowadays, some vital pharmaceuticals are based on herbs. The main advantage of phytotherapy is not only in its relatively mild effect, but also in its overall positive effect on the human body, which is different from most narrow-focused chemicals.

In our store we offer a number of medicinal plants ready for mixing and brewing as well as already prepared mixes that are intended for addressing a certain issue. For example, we have 14-days Detox herbal mix, Mixes for Relaxation, Mix for reducing nicotine craving, and a number of others. Mixes are usually easier to brew and can be a good addition to your daily health routine. As for medicinal plants themselves, we offer Birch leaves, Chaga mushroom, and Valerian Root, just to name a few.

Everyday Drinks

If you want the healthiest choice for your drink – you go with the pure water, we all know that. But what are the alternatives? In our store we offer a number of pre-mixed herbal teas created according to unique recipes designed specially for residents of large cities. They can be drank everyday to  help the body resist the negative environmental impact and normalize bodily functions.

This category includes chaga teas, traditional fireweed tea and tea mixes as well a number of other specialized mixes.

Cedar Products

Pine and cedar products have been used by humans for their health properties and rich taste. They contain not only an endless list of vitamins and minerals, but also due to the high and perfectly balanced protein content, cedar products allow those who go vegetarian to compensate for the “protein hunger”. In the early days of America daily colonial army rations even included beer form spruce (close relative of the pine) as it was. Even though we don’t sell beer, you can find cedar jam, cedar nut oil, cedar candies, pine nut coffee and some other products of this category in our store.

Chaga products

The last category is all about Chaga (or “The Mushroom of Immortality”, “Diamond of the Forest”, “Siberian Miracle” as it is sometimes called). It is a birch fungus that is a unique source of antioxidants, also containing a whole range of useful elements, some of which are united by the term “chromogenic complex”. Chaga is a natural stimulant and has positive effects on human body in case of ulcers, heart issues, diabetes. In our store we offer chaga tea, grinded chaga, chaga tonic (Befungin) and chaga pills.


Bee products

We also offer authentic Altai honey and Propolis – a natural substance produced by honey bees by combining the sap collected on needle-leaved trees with their own discharges and beeswax, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

So those are the main product categories in our store. Are you interested in something else? Be sure to email us: support@bearpharmacy.com and we will do our best to offer you new products!