Payment & Refund



We accept PayPal – secure, simple and fast payment service. You can pay either with your credit/debit card, bank account, or PayPal account balance. It`s 100% safe as your credit/debit card and bank numbers aren`t seen by unauthorised entities. At the same time this payment method is really easy and don`t take much time at any stage from creating your account (all you need is credit card, debit card or bank account) to paying for your online order with two clicks (necessary data is stored at PayPal so that you don`t need to re-enter it for each purchase). As soon as you make your Payment by PayPal, we receive it at the same moment and can start packing your order.

For more information, visit the PayPal Help Center.





Here, we also accept the major cryptocurrencies. Paying in BTC or other cryptocurrency is a good way to save because we offer an automatic 10% discount on any payment with the cryptocurrencies. It will be automatically applied, once you hit ‘Complete order’ and will be redirected to our payment page. This payment option is fully automated similar to card processing. You won’t have to wait for any transfer details or for the payment confirmation from us.



1) Set up Bitcoin (or any altcoin) wallet. This also can be done online with any Bitcoin wallet service. Here’s a short guide, on how to set up a wallet and fund it using a credit card.

The process to create a wallet and top it up using a credit card is quite simple and we offer detailed instructions on how to do it. In most cases the customer receives their bitcoins within 1 – 2 hours.
Set up Bitcoin wallet: for example, go to and complete the registration procedure. Check out this video for a guide (Time: 2-3 mins). You can use other wallets if you wish.

  1. Purchase bitcoins using a credit card via any service of your choice. Here is the guide on how to do it (Time: 10-25 mins).
  2. Proceed to checkout as you normally would. When finalizing your order, choose ‘CoinPayments’ as your payment option. Don’t forget to hit ‘Complete order’ button.
  3. You will be redirected to our payment page (serviced by the CoinPayments). Your screen will look similar to this:

On this page select what currency you want to use and hit ‘Complete Checkout’. You will be redirected to a new page with all info needed to finalize the payment.

Shown above is the wallet you will need to make your transfer to and your total in bitcoin with 10% discount applied. This info will be sent to your email as well, so no worries if you will close this page.

Each invoice will contain a new wallet address. Please note that the transfer should be finished within the time limit. Otherwise, your order will be cancelled and you will have to create it again.

4.1. If you have local wallet installed and running on your computer, just open it up and make a transfer to the credentials from your invoice
4.2. If you have online wallet please visit your wallet and find the ‘Transfer’ page or something similar. Input the total and the wallet address that you’ve received back on the payment page.
4.3. If you have wallet app installed on your phone use the QR code on the payment page to transfer all the payment data.
5. Finalize the transfer process (it will depend on your software and wallet provider). You are all done. Our payment gateway will register your payment and mark your order as paid. Confirmation is usually instant but may rarely take up to a few hours to be issued, depending on the state of the Bitcoin network. You aren’t required to send us confirmations, but you are welcome to do this.

If you haven’t got any confirmations from us after your payment for a day or two, please contact us, so we can check the payment status manually.


We are convinced that the only way to earn your trust is to sell efficient products of high quality as well as to send them to the right place at the right time. That’s why we are guarantee that if anything happens with your order on its way, including postal errors or customs checks, we will reship your products for free or make a refund.

If you choose a refund option we will ask you for your credit card number, your PayPal address or your BTC address.  Please, note that in case of delivery failure you can claim for a refund only after 1 calendar month since having made the order so that we make sure that original packaging isn`t simply delayed, which can sometimes happen.

If you choose a reshipment option, make sure that the problem with the delivery isn`t caused by the strict import/customs legislation of your country, because otherwise you won`t get the re-sent order as well. Reshipments are usually done within 3-7 days. We only reship orders that are in transit for more than 31 days (so that you don`t end up with two equal orders coming at the same time because of ordinary delay) and if you are from the country where we have successfully shipped to previously. We reserve the right to decline the reshipment request, if we think that the reshipment is unlikely to be successful due to strict customs in your country or other factors outside of our control.

Your order in not eligible for refund if:

  1. You did not pick up your parcel during the hold time. We try our best to inform our customers on the status of the shipment, but we cannot pick up the parcels for the client.
  2. You were unsatisfied with the product. If you are using any of the products on this site, you assume all the risks connected to this decision. It includes the product not working for you completely, which might sometimes happen as our body`s metabolic processes can greatly differ from one person to another.