Cold Pressed Cedar Nut Oil

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Background Information

Siberian Cedar Nut oil is a unique organic product that has no analogues in nature.

Due to the high concentration of minerals, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, Cedar Nut oil has high biological and nutritional value and is considered much more valuable than the best varieties of olive oil.

Cedar Nut oil offers unique healing capabilities and is recognized around the world as one of the best solutions for internal disorders and skin care problems.

Composition: 100% organic cold-pressed Cedar Nut oil.

Package Content: 95 ml dark glass bottle.


  • Normalizes the activity of the nervous system;
  • Increases physical and mental performances; helps to eliminate the chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • Cleanses the body, removes radionuclides, heavy metals and other toxins; improves the body’s metabolism;
  • Prevents and treats disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Positively affects the composition of blood and lowers the levels of cholesterol;
  • Strengthens the immune system, prevents viral infections and has a general tonic effect;
  • Improves skin, hair and nail condition.


  • Sleep disorders, headaches, mental lability and depression;
  • Peptic ulcer of the stomach or the duodenum; gastritis;
  • Tracheitis, laryngitis and acute respiratory diseases (the flu, colds, etc.);
  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Psoriasis, trophic ulcers, neurodermatitis and other skin diseases;
  • Brittleness and loss of hair, dandruff; brittle and thin nails;
  • Various allergic disorders.

Cedar oil is hypoallergenic and has no contraindications for internal or external use.

Dosage and Administration

  • For digestive tract disorders: Take one teaspoon of the oil in the morning 30 minutes before your meal and in the evening two hours after your last meal. The course of treatment lasts for 21 days. If necessary, repeat the course after 10 days.
  • For atherosclerosis: Take one teaspoon of the oil once a day before meals. The course of treatment lasts for 30 days. Repeat the treatment if necessary.
  • For skin diseases: Apply and gently massage the oil into the afflicted area twice a day and take a teaspoon of oil internally once a day.
  • For allergic diseases: Take a teaspoon of the oil three times a day before meals. If your allergy is seasonal, start the preventive treatment one month before the expected relapse of the disease.
  • For skin care: Apply 4-5 drops of the oil on previously cleansed skin of the face and neck, gently tapping your fingers, leave for 15-20 minutes. Regular use of such masks (1-2 times a week) will make your skin velvety and soft, will prolong its youth and protect it from premature aging and wrinkles.
  • For nail care: Apply 1 drop to each nail and massage the oil into your nail and cuticle.
  • For hair care: Massage several drops of the oil into the scalp, then wash it off with warm water after 15 minutes. The oil can also be added to a shampoo (5 drops per 5 ml).
  • In cooking: Use Cedar Nut oil as you would use any olive oil. This oil has a unique nutty flavor and goes great with fresh salads, fish dishes, desserts and pastries.

Storage and Handling: Store Cedar Nut oil in a dark cold place at the temperature up to 22°C. If the temperature is low, the product may become turbid or may solidify, but the effect will fade at room temperature. Protect from direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 12 months. Use within 3 months after opening. Do not use after the expiration date.

Manufacturer / Recipient Organization: “Sibereco” LLC.