Say hello to 5 new categories!

Dear friends!

We’ve promised you that we will constantly expand our stock in the name of your health and happiness, and the Bear’s promise is unbreakable!

To provide that, we’ve been working relentlessly, much like the busy bees do – you’ll get why it’s important later – and we’ve prepared so many delicious, exciting and authentic products for you. But, unfortunately, they simply wouldn’t fit into the 4 categories we already have…

So, say hello and welcome to the whole 5 new categories! Due to popular demand, we’re introducing Bee products, Chaga products, Cedar products, Foods and Sweets, and Organic Supplements.

Each category has a lot to offer, and we guarantee your health and body will thank you! And us, of course 😉

So let’s take a closer look.


Bee products. We are all busy as bees and often forget about our health, don’t we? But did you know that in addition to their role in pollination, bees supply us with a number of excellent health-beneficial products? And it’s not only honey! We’re talking about Propolis and Royal Jelly. People have learned from the bees to use them as a natural defence against bacteria and viruses and have been doing that throughout the history. These products have the richest chemical composition and are of high nutritional value, which makes them able to easily strengthen our immune system and increase our ability to resist all kinds of infections. Pretty vital nowadays, don’t you think?

And remember: today, there is a decrease in the number of bee colonies around the world. Buy buying bee-keeping products you can support the bees, and they’ll repay you by supporting your health!


Chaga products. Chaga may only seem like a weird-looking birch mushroom outside, but inside itself it keeps a real treasure-trove of valuable and rare medicinal properties. It’s not without a reason that it is called “The Mushroom of Immortality”, “The Diamond of the Forest” or a “Russian Miracle”!

Chaga has the properties of a biogenic stimulator, and this is the secret of its healing effect on the human body. It contains many nutrients in its unique biochemical composition and has pronounced antimicrobial, antioxidant and restorative effects.

So how to use it? We promise you won’t have to bite down on the mushroom! Just take a sip of our delicious Chaga Tea, relax and feel its healing properties flow through you. Isn’t it a great way to wake up?


Cedar products. The mighty Siberian Cedar supplies us with a plethora of products, all of which are famous for their health-beneficial properties, unique taste and rich aroma. And we bring them to you!

And oh, do you have a variety to choose from!

Start your day right by trying out our Cedar Porridge and take a sip of our Cedar Coffee to charge you with energy – we offer 4 different kinds! There are crunchy Cedar Candies in chocolate for dessert. And don’t forget about the plain Cedar Nut kernels! They go wonderfully with meat, fish and salads, or just as a healthy snack. They are also vegan and kosher, so just about anyone can enjoy them!

Our Cedar Nut oil will bring delicious and nutty flavor to your dishes or help you with many ailments, as well as skin and hair care! We are truly squeezing every last drop of usefulness out of it.

For a bit of a thrill-seekers, we offer Cedar Resin-based Chewing Gum to clean your teeth with and even Hematogen with Cedar kernels – the famous Russian blood candy!

Are you brave enough to try all of our Cedar products in one day for the Ultimate Cedar Experience?


Foods and Sweets. Tired of regular candies, but all the healthy ones are just to bland for your taste? Well, look no further! We’re offering you a wide selection of irresistible treats, packed with health benefits.

Our Cedar Jams will brighten up your cold winter evenings, and our handmade Marmalade will be an exquisite dessert for tea or coffee. And their special feature – tiny genuine and edible Cedar and Pine cones – will make these products a perfect Christmas or a ‘back to your roots’ gift!

Don’t miss out on the Wildflower Honey: not only it will improve your health – a hearty spoon of it will definitely calm you and cheer you up! You can always drizzle it over any food and even add our Cedar kernels on top for a crunchy and healthy meal – the limit is your imagination!

And, of course, don’t forget the roasted Cedar Candies we’ve already mentioned. These sweets are some of the oldest and most popular candies in Russia, and they keep all their vitamins and nutrients until they reach your table. But beware: you will never be able to have just one, they are just too irresistible!


Organic supplements. Once you’ve taken care of your belly, it’s time to ask yourself a question: how can I improve my well-being even more? We’ve got the answer for that too.

Nutrition plays a very important role in keeping your body as healthy as possible, so while healthy and organic food is the first step to achieving this goal, supplements is the next. We’ve selected the most effective and natural ones for you to have a healthy heart and blood vessels, a stronger immune system and better digestion, more glowing skin and thicker hair. And, of course, better mood!

There is nothing artificial in our supplements and most of them have already been proven by centuries of use – they just come in prettier packages now. They are sure to activate your own body’s resources and help you shine from within.


We all do our best to stay healthy, but sometimes it’s hard to believe that it may be easy, fun and even delicious. We are here to remind you! All our products are guaranteed to help you relax, revitalize and be able to greet the new day feeling healthy and strong.

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