We are what we eat… and drink

Initially the nutrition of our ancestors consisted exclusively of natural components. Many plants which are perceived as medicinal nowadays were used for a daily diet. However, much has changed over the past hundred years: market economy has almost placed medicinal plants on the retired list due to their low profitability. Manufacturing technology has radically changed as well. Look even at the simple bread loaf. Different natural additives like dried herbs (and accordingly all the vitamins) were removed from its recipe, but instead they began to add yeast, dyes, flavors and preservatives in order to cheapen the production process on the one hand, and to make the product more attractive to an unaware buyer on the other (softness, attractive appearance pronounced aroma, prolonged shelf life and etc.).

The opinion that medicinal plants can only be used for treatment purposes is mistaken: by adding them to our daily diet we contribute to wellness and help the body resist the negative environmental impact and challenges of life in a big city. Herbs can act as an excellent source of many essential nutrients. And unlike chemicals often fraught with serious side effects, the influence of natural medicines is milder and more persistent at the same time. While a variety of products will satisfy even the most demanding consumer.

The featured products of our site are divided into several sections for convenience. The first one is Herbs. In making your choice between natural and laboratory-synthesized supplements for sure you will try to find the right balance between healing effect and possible risks. Any drug in practice has the potential to cause unwanted effects, but still natural compounds typically pose a much lower risk. Except reduced risk of side effects, natural remedies could be even more effective in dealing with protracted chronic conditions and have a positive influence on the entire organism, which means that the body’s natural healing process for treating various diseases will be activated.

The second section is Herbal Mixtures. Herbs have not only withstood the test of time but also the competition from pharmaceutical products. This happened, among other things, thanks to the law of synergy. Researchers confirm that the unique mechanisms of the right ingredient ratio enable those herbs to achieve the best results. These remedies may act just as effective as their lab-produced equivalents.

One can hardly meet a person who does not drink tea. However, more and more often we hear that tea bags produced for the mass market contain many dyes, chemical and aromatic additives, which for sure won’t be of any use. The question is how to combine your favorite habit and taking care of your body? Just choose completely natural alternatives like Herbal Teas from environmentally friendly herbal substances. Pay special attention to the so-called “Ivan-tea”, a unique traditional drink made of fireweed that has no analogues in taste and healthiness. And if you are a fan of cocoa and coffee drinks, healthy breakfasts and dinners as well as diverse original related products, then you should take a look at the next section Authentic Products.

Life in the modern world can be described in one word – “rush”. And sometimes in this rush it’s difficult to find some time for yourself. But even if you don’t always have the opportunity to keep calm, do sport and keep regular hours – proper nutrition is what you can and should start. Taking care of your health is much easier and enjoyable than you think!


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