Herbal tea ‘Purification DETOX’ (for cleansing the body of toxins)

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This herbal tea was made specifically for getting rid of toxins and purifying your body.

Freed from a large number of toxic substances that inhibit the immune and nervous systems, a person begins to feel better. You will be less likely to get sick and will become cheerful and full of motivation. Any treatment should be started with body cleansing!


  • Fireweed leaves;
  • Senna leaves;
  • Nettle leaves;
  • Peppermint leaves;
  • Spanish needles herb;
  • Yarrow herb;
  • Dwarf everlast flowers.


The herbs in the ‘Purification DETOX’ tea have a mild laxative effect. They contribute to the elimination of constipation and normalize the functioning of the intestinal tract. The herbs have the following effects:

  • Cleansing the liver and gal bladder;
  • Cleansing the blood from toxins;
  • Reducing salt deposits in the spine and joints;
  • Reducing the risk of acquiring liver, gall bladder and kidney stones;
  • Cleansing and revitalizing the skin from the inside;
  • Normalizing the weight.

Storage And Handling

Store the ‘Purification DETOX’ herbal tea in the original package, in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children! Shelf life is 24 months.


LLC Biopractika


Herbal tea ‘Purification DETOX’ is recommended for the treatment of general body intoxication, constipation, abnormal functioning of the intestinal tract, liver disorders and skin problems.


  • Hypersensitivity to any component of the ‘Purification DETOX’ herbal tea;
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding period and children under 14 years old.

Dosage and Brewing Instructions

Pour over 1-2 filter bags with a glass (250 ml) of boiling water and infuse for 15 minutes.

Drink once a day before going to bed.

The course of treatment lasts for 2-3 weeks.

Start your morning with drinking 1-2 glasses of clean water. Drink lots of fluids during the course of treatment and after it, at least 5-7 glasses of pure water per day.