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  • Cedar Nut Oil Use

    Thanks to cedar nut oil has unique properties, it's widely used for healthy nutrition goals, as well as in skincare. Here are some examples on how to use cedar nut oil.

  • Cedar Nut Oil Benefits

    Cedar nut oil has unique properties. It is a real healing gift of the Siberian Taiga, which will help to strengthen health and restore vitality. Cedar nut oil is a natural product that has no synthetic analogs. This oil is considered to be the healthiest one of all the vegetable oils! Cedar nut oil is very rich in vitamin E, and also contains a huge amount of micro- and macroelements.

  • Chewing gum: a sticky problem?

    Almost everyone has tried chewing gum at some point in their lives. It is sweet and delicious, makes great bubbles and is a great treat for kids. Plus, it helps us concentrate, freshens our breath and takes care of our teeth. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? But have you ever stopped and considered what exactly you are chewing?

  • Say hello to 5 new categories!

    We’ve promised you that we will constantly expand our stock in the name of your health and happiness, and the Bear’s promise is unbreakable!
  • Christmas Schedule

    Hello there! 

    We'd love to wish you a Happy New Year! Let's start this year with a clear and complete understanding of what we really need. Maybe, it's something simple?

    By the way, Russian Christmas is also coming. We guess bears sleep especially deeply in this period, maybe that's why they can't ship anything from December 30 to January 7. Right after that, everything is gonna be as usual!

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  • We are what we eat… and drink

    Life in the modern world can be described in one word - “rush”. And sometimes in this rush it's difficult to find some time for yourself. But even if you don’t always have the opportunity to keep calm, do sport and keep regular hours – proper nutrition is what you can and should start. Taking care of your health is much easier and enjoyable than you think!